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How to make a glueless wig by yourself?

How to make a glueless wig by yourself?

Have you ever felt tired of handling glue or adhesive while installing a wig? Hey, a natural-looking glueless wig is exactly what you need! Some may be interested in if they can make a glueless wig by themselves. The simple and direct answer is "yes!" If you already have some idle bundles at home, and wondering how to make a glueless wig by yourself, just keep reading. We are gonna share a quick guideline with you from start to finish so that you can save your money!
glueless human hair wig

How to make a glueless wig?

Some items you need to prepare in advance: 

a tape measure

a lace frontal (13x4 lace frontal)

bleach powder (optional)

developer (optional)

mixing bowl (optional)

hair shampoo (optional)

hair conditioner (optional)

gloves (optional)

a mesh cap


a mannequin head

thread and curved needle

human hair bundles (2-3 bundles)

an elastic band

Step 1: Bleach knot (optional)

Mix some bleach powder and developer, and apply the mixture to the lace frontal to bleach knot. Cover the bleached lace frontal with aluminum foil and let it sit for a while. Rines the bleached lace frontal under the tap. Shampoo your lace frontal and make a deep condition. Blow it dry at a low temperature. We already have a complete guideline to bleach knots in our previous post, click to get more details!

Step 2: Measure your head size

Use a tape to measure your head size from ear to ear. This is going to give you an idea of where your frontal needs to go. If your head size from ear to ear is shorter than 13 inches, you need to cut both ends of the frontal to fit your size.

Step 3: Pin the wig cap and lace frontal 

Put the mesh cap on the canvas head and pin it down with some t-pins. Fold the lace frontal to make sure we have it centered properly. Pin it down onto your wig cap with some t-pins.

Step 4: Sew in lace frontal

Use thread and needle to sew the lace frontal onto the wig cap. Once you get to the end of the sew-in frontal, tie a double knot so that it doesn't come undone.

Step 5: Sew in human hair bundles

Put the bundle along the bottom of the wig cap, you can choose to pin it down to keep it in the right place. Stitch with a double knot and start to sew in the hair bundle. Once you arrive at the ends of the track, fold the bundle up and continue to sew the next track. This can help to minimize hair shedding. Go ahead and continue to sew down hair bundles until you finish a full head sew-in.

Step 6: Cut off the wig cap

Turn the lace frontal up to expose the wig cap underneath. Use a pair of shape scissors to cut off the wig cap under the lace frontal. make sure you don't cut any of the stitches.

Step 7: Sew in the elastic band

Measure from ear to ear at the back of your head, and cut the elastic band to fit the size. Turn the wig cap inside out and put it on the canvas head again. Use thread and needle to sew in the elastic band along the bottom of the wig cap and sew it down to attach both ends of the lace frontal.

Step 8: Style your wig

Style your glueless wig as you desire. You can choose to curl it into a lovely deep wave, or you use a flat iron to straighten the wig. 
glueless lace frontal wig

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