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27 Hair color Vs. 30 hair color Vs. 613 hair color

Girls are always innovative in hair colors and hairstyles. Changing the color of their hair or patterns is always a popular way for girls to boost their charms. There are so many hair colors for girls to rock in the market, but sometimes too many options are also a sweet confusion. You may find that some colors look the same at first glance, and it is hard for someone new to make a decision between them. Such as the 27 hair color and 30 hair color, 613 hair color, etc.

In this post, we will simply show you what are the differences between them and exactly what you need to consider while choosing a hair color.

What is 27 hair color?

27 Hair color refers to strawberry honey blonde. It's a color that perfectly mixes blonde, light brown, and warm red. You can see the picture below, the 27 hair color tends to be browner than platinum blonde, but lighter than regular brown.

4 27 hair color

This hair color is more suitable for lighter skin tones. And it's also widely used to highlight brown, chocolate, auburn, or other warm hair colors.

What is 30 hair color?

30 Hair color refers to a light auburn hair color. #30 Color hair tends to be a blend of light brown and red. This hair color can suit almost all skin tones, eye colors, and all occasions. 

The major difference between 30 color hair and 27 color hair is that the 30 hair color is categorized under the brown system, while the 27 hair color belongs to the blonde family. 30 Hair color is less blonde but browner than #27 hair.
hair color 27 vs 30

What is 613 hair color?

#613 Refers to a light blonde color in the hair. 613 Hair is hair that has already been dyed or bleached. Be noticed that only high-quality virgin hair can be processed into 613 hair. The charm of 613 hair color is that it is not only a personalized and bold color that will never be unnoticed but also a perfect base hair color that can be colored into any color you desire.
613 hair color

27 Hair color vs. 30 hair color vs. 613 hair color, how to choose?

After reading the above introduction on #613, #27, and # 30, you certainly have a simple know of the difference between them. 

  1. 613 Hair color and 27 hair color are both members of the blonde family, while the 30 hair color is categorized under the brown scheme.
  2. #613 Color and #27 hair color are more suitable for lighter skin tones, and the #30 hair color looks luxurious and gorgeous on darker skin tones. 
  3. 27 Hair color is a great option to combine with other colors to create charm balayage hair looks. such as 1b/27 hair, 4/27 hair, etc.

If you have a lighter skin tone, 613 hair color and 27 hair color can better highlight your features.

If you have a darker skin tone, the 30 hair color can better flatter your skin color.

If you always track for stylish lighter hair colors and enjoy changing your hair color, the 613 hair color should your best choice.

If you wanna add a highlight to your natural black hair or brown hair, both #613 color and #27 color should be good ideas.

Actually, determining which hair color to choose depends more on your preference. So you don't need to tangle too much when it comes to which hair color to choose. You can choose to take all of them back from Ula Hair. 

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Ula Hair provides 100% human hair wigs and human hair weaves in various colors at an adorable price. Or you can try to rock two tones on a hair look, piano highlight hair, ombre hair, and skunk stripe hair are also sought-after choices this season. Be a trendsetter this season with Ula Hair!


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