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How to do two strand twists?

How to do two strand twists?

What are two-strand twists?

Two-strand twists are a chic and protective hairstyle that is very popular among black women. As its name implies, two-strand twist style is achieved by twisting two sections of hair around one another till the ends. 

Benefits of two strand twists:

Two strand twists are a quick, stylish, and protective style that does help to lock in moisture. 

This hairstyle is suitable for both short hair and long hair. This also means that you don't need to add hair extensions, it can be done on 100% natural hair.

Two-strand twists are long-lasting hairstyles that can last for days or weeks. Save your hands from the morning hairstyling routine.

This hairstyle provides numerous styling possibilities.

Two-strand twists have been one of the most popular hairstyles for such a long time because of these reasons.
two strand twists on natural hair

Tutorial: How to do two strand twists with extensions?

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair

Some may wonder why their twists are so easy to unravel. The secret to avoiding this issue is to start your style with a healthy, clean, moisture base. 

Shampoo your hair and scalp thoroughly with a mild hydrating shampoo. Then do a deep condition. Squeeze out the excess water with a soft towel. And then blow it dry on cool. Detangle and straighten your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Finally, apply a small amount of leave-in condition or cream to your hair to add extra moisture.

Step 2: Determine your twist section and start to twist

You should determine the size of each twist section before diving into the twisting process. The smaller the twist, the longer it will take to complete and the longer it will last. 

Use a rattail comb to divide your hair into several even horizontal sections (6-8 sections) and secure each section with a hair tie. Undo the bottom section of hair and divide it into smaller twist sections. Apply some curl cream to the small section of hair and split it into two new sections. Twist these two sections around one another until they are at the ends. Finally, apply hair gel to hold the ends of the twist in place. Repeat sectioning your hair and twisting until your full head of hair is twisted.  

Step 3: Style your twists

You will find two strand twists really versatile in styling. You can pull them into a ponytail, a bun, or two mini buns, you can pair your two-strand twists with cornrows or flat twists, or you can decorate them with beads and a scarf if you desire. It can be dressed up in a million ways.

Tips for maintaining two-strand twists

  • Tip 1: Wrap your twists up with a silk scarf or place a satin pillow towel on the pillow before heading to bed to prevent unraveling and frizz.
  • Tip 2: Moisture your twists with a leave-in or seal in moisture with cream every night.
  • Tip 3: Do not wash your twists more than once a week. Use a dry shampoo instead in between washings.

Two strand twist FAQs

Q: How long does two-strand twist last?

A: Two strand twists can last for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months with proper care. If you wish to keep your twists longer, try creating smaller twists when you're wearing your hair in a twist style. What's more, try the pineapple or warp your hair up with a satin scarf at night is also a wise choice.

Q: How much does two-strand twist cost?

A: If you're not planning to add hair extensions, it should cost about $65-$95. By the way, small twists cost more. Prices vary for the length and volume of your hair and the size of twists you desire, etc.

Q: How often should you retwist two strand twists?

A: After wearing knotless twists for a few weeks, it's normal for their rope-like appearance to begin to loosen. Let's take it easy and retwist it. A typical retwist should be every 4-6 weeks for two strand styles.

Q: How often should you wash two strand twists?

A: In order to keep your twists always looking fresh, shampoo and condition your hair every 2 weeks and opt for dry shampoo as an alternative in between washing days.


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