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A Comprehensive Guide to Curly Wig Hairstyles

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to curly wig hairstyles. We at Ula Hair are thrilled to embark on this curly journey with you, exploring the world of curls, their appeal, and the myriad ways they can enhance your look. Our 100% human hair wigs offer quality and versatility that are second to none.

In this guide, we'll delve into the enchanting allure of curly hair, explaining why it captivates hearts and turns heads. We'll unlock the secrets of achieving bouncy, lively curls on your wig, giving you tips to make every strand pop with vivacity.

Moving forward, we'll spotlight a selection of gorgeous curly wig hairstyles that are perfect for African American women, offering style inspiration that showcases the diversity and richness of curly hair.

Finally, we'll guide you through the essential care tips for your curly wig, ensuring it remains full, fresh, and vibrant for as long as possible.

Whether you're a seasoned curl enthusiast or embarking on your curly journey, this guide is here to equip you with all the knowledge you need to make the most out of your curly wig. Let's embrace the beauty, personality, and style that curly wig hairstyles bring!
curly wig with bangs

The Attraction of Curly Hair

Curly hair is beloved for its uniqueness and lively charm. Unlike straight hair, each curl and coil adds a touch of surprise, creating a dynamic hairstyle that is naturally voluminous and captivating. The human hair curly wig from Ula Hair encapsulates these benefits, providing a hairpiece as vibrant and unique as natural curls themselves.

The appeal of curly hair extends from its ability to make a bold statement while maintaining an air of softness. It's a style that communicates joy, energy and a celebration of individuality. By opting for a curly wig, especially a curly bob wig or a curly wig with bangs from Ula Hair, you embrace a unique personal style that showcases your confidence.

Curly hair's inherent volume and texture can also be exhibited beautifully through other styles, such as an afro short wig, which serves as a perfect testament to the beauty of dense, tightly coiled curls. Meanwhile, a long bob curly wig layered hairstyle offers a chic, modern take on the classic bob, with layers adding depth and dimension to the curls.

Whether it's the voluminous curls of the afro short wig, the modern appeal of a long bob curly wig layered hairstyle, or the playful bounce of a curly bob wig, curly hair's allure is timeless and universal. It's more than a hairstyle – it's a vibrant, versatile expression of personal style. And with Ula Hair's range of curly wig options, there's a curly style out there for everyone.

brown curly hair

Achieving Bouncy Curls on a Wig

Achieving that perfect, lively bounce in your curly wig can take a bit of practice, but with the right techniques, you can transform any curly wig into a work of art. Whether you're working with an afro short wig or a long bob curly wig layered hairstyle, these tips will help you get those dreamy, bouncy curls.

  1. Moisturize: Moisture is essential for bouncy, healthy-looking curls. Ensure you're regularly moisturizing your wig with products specially designed for curly human hair. A leave-in conditioner or a curl-enhancing cream can work wonders in maintaining the moisture balance and keeping the curls lively.
  2. Use a Wide-Tooth Comb or Finger-Comb: Never use a brush on your curly wig. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently detangle the hair, always starting from the ends and working your way up. This helps maintain the curl pattern and prevent frizz.
  3. Heat Styling Tools: If your curly wig has lost some of its bounce, you can use heat-styling tools like curling irons or rollers. Be sure to apply a heat protectant first to prevent damage to the hair. If you're using a curling iron, work in small sections, and don't forget to let the curl cool down before releasing it to maintain its shape.
  4. Rollers: For heat-free styling, try using rollers. They come in different sizes for different curl tightness. Apply them to your damp wig and let it air dry or use a hooded dryer. Once the wig is dry, carefully remove the rollers and finger comb to separate the curls for more volume.
  5. Proper Storage: Store your curly wig on a wig stand to help maintain its shape. This prevents the wig from becoming flattened and helps to keep those bouncy curls intact.

Remember, an afro short wig or a long bob curly wig layered hairstyle from Ula Hair comes with its own unique curl patterns and styles. It's crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific needs of your wig to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. With proper care, your curly wig can give you bouncy, beautiful curls every time you wear it.

Gorgeous Curly Wig Hairstyles for African American

Curly wigs offer a diverse palette of styles that are not only trendy but also empowering for African American women. They give you the freedom to switch up your look and express your unique personality. The versatility and richness of curly hair can truly shine in various styles, from the voluminous afro short wig to the chic long bob curly wig layered hairstyle.

  1. Afro Short Wig: The afro short wig is a celebration of natural beauty and African heritage. Its tight, bouncy curls create a voluminous look that's bold and empowering. This hairstyle can effortlessly draw attention while also serving as a statement of cultural pride.
    afro short wig

  2. Curly Bob Wig: This wig provides a fun, contemporary twist to the classic bob style. It's a perfect balance between manageability and voluminous curls. The curly bob wig suits various face shapes, and its bouncy curls add a lively touch to any look.
    curly bob wig

  3. Curly Wig with Bangs: Offering a youthful and trendy look, the curly wig with bangs is a stylish choice. The bangs soften the face while the curls add a payful charm. It's a versatile style that's easily dressed up or down for any occasion.
    curly wig with bangs

  4. Long Bob Curly Wig Layers: A long bob with layers allows for a variety of textured curls. The layers add dimension, making the hair look more voluminous. This hairstyle is chic and modern, perfect for the woman who enjoys an elegant yet relaxed style.
    long bob curly hair with layers

  5. Curly Updo Wig: Wigs with enough length can be styled into a curly updo, such as a curly bun or a curly ponytail. This can be an elegant and sophisticated style, perfect for special occasions.
    curly updo

  6. Straight Backs with Curls: This style involves braiding hair straightened towards the back and letting the curls flow freely from there. It's a striking style that elegantly frames the face while allowing the beauty of the curls to shine.
    straight back with curls

  7. Kinky Curly Wig: Kinky curly wigs are a great way to celebrate natural African American hair textures. These wigs have a very tight curl pattern, similar to type 4 natural hair, providing a beautiful, full-bodied look.
    middle part kinky curly hair

  8. Curly Wig with a Side Part: A side part can add a touch of sophistication to a curly wig. It can provide a flattering asymmetry to the style and help frame the face beautifully.
    curly wig with a side part

  9. Ombre Curly Wig: An ombre curly wig features a color gradient, typically with darker roots and lighter ends. This can be a stylish way to play with color while rocking your curly wig.
    curly headband wig ombre hair

  10. Curly Pixie Cut Wig: This style brings together the ease of a pixie cut with the playful charm of curls. A curly pixie cut wig can be a chic, low-maintenance option for women who like short hair but still want some texture and volume.
    curly pixie cut

These hairstyles can transform not only your look but also how you feel about yourself. They reflect the richness of African American hair textures and the versatility that comes with them. With Ula Hair's human hair curly wig offerings, you can confidently showcase your individuality and style, creating a look that is uniquely yours.

Caring for Your Curly Wig

Proper care and maintenance of your curly wig can greatly extend its lifespan and keep it looking fresh and vibrant. This involves understanding how to correctly comb and add volume to your curly wig.

A. Should You Comb a Curly Wig?

Combing a curly wig is not as straightforward as combing straight hair. It requires a gentle approach to prevent damaging the curls or causing the wig to frizz. Here are some do's and don'ts:


  1. Use the Right Tool: Instead of using a regular comb or brush, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your curly wig. These tools are gentler on curls and help maintain the curl pattern.
  2. Start from the Bottom: When combing, always start from the bottom and work your way up. This method helps prevent tangles and reduces the risk of damaging the wig.


  1. Don't Comb When Dry: Unlike straight wigs, you should avoid combing your curly wig when it's completely dry. This can cause frizz and disrupt the curl pattern. Instead, comb your wig when it's damp or after applying a moisturizing product.

B. How to Make a Curly Wig Fuller

If your curly wig is starting to look a bit flat, there are several ways to restore its volume:

  1. Washing: Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for curly hair. These products help maintain the curl pattern and add moisture, which is essential for bouncy, full-looking curls.
  2. Conditioning: Deep condition your wig regularly. This not only provides the hair with much-needed moisture but also helps to restore and maintain the curls' shape.
  3. Drying: Avoid using a regular towel to dry your curly wig, as this can cause frizz. Instead, use a microfiber towel or a t-shirt to gently squeeze out excess water. Allow the wig to air dry if possible, as heat can damage the hair and cause it to become flat.
  4. Styling Products: Use products designed for curly hair. A curl-enhancing mousse or spray can help define the curls and add volume. Remember, less is more – using too much product can weigh down your wig.
  5. Rollers: You can also use rollers to add volume to your wig. Apply them to your damp wig and let it dry naturally or use a hooded dryer. Once the wig is dry, remove the rollers and gently separate the curls with your fingers.

By following these care tips, your curly wig, whether it's an afro short wig, curly bob wig, or a long bob curly wig layered hairstyle, can remain full and vibrant, ready to enhance your natural beauty at every turn.


Embracing the charm and liveliness of curly hair through wigs, such as the afro short wig or the curly bob wig, opens up a world of style possibilities. Understanding the tips of caring for these wigs, from knowing when and how to comb them to methods of maintaining their fullness, allows you to enjoy their beauty for a longer duration.

The attraction of curly hair lies in its uniqueness, versatility, and the bold statement it makes. When incorporated into styles like the long bob curly wig layered hairstyle, or a chic straight back with curls, it not only enhances your overall look but also allows you to express your personality and individuality.

Ula Hair's commitment to high-quality, 100% human hair products makes their curly wigs a top choice for anyone seeking the perfect curly hairstyle. The brand's dedication to quality is evident in every strand of its human hair curly wig collection. The versatility of their curly wig offerings enables every woman to find her perfect style match, ensuring each day can be a new opportunity to showcase her confidence and charm.

Investing in a curly human hair wig from Ula Hair is not just about changing your hairstyle, but about embracing a versatile, vibrant, and confident version of yourself.

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