Everything You Should Know About 613 Hair Color
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Everything you should know about 613 hair color

Everything you should know about 613 hair color

What is 613 hair color?

613 Hair color refers to colored hair in a light blonde color. This type of human hair weave allows you to dye it into any color you desire.
613 bob wig

Benefits of getting a 613 wig

Infinite possibilities in color: Since 613 hair has been dyed to a light blonde shade, you can directly dye it into any color you desire and it doesn't need to be bleached anymore. 

Time-saving: women who wanna dye their hair into a lighter color will prefer 613 blonde since they don't need to spend any time bleaching their hair.

Classic, bold and personalized hair look: For women with fair skin, 613 hair color is a classic hair color that will never be run out. For black women, blonde hair is a bold and personalized choice. Or if black women want to make 613 blonde more natural and match their skin tone, try to add dark roots or highlights, ombre. you will find the magic.

Textured: Only high-quality human hair can be processed into 613 hair. This type of hair is soft, silky, and bouncy, with a natural luster. 

So much versatility: it can not only allow you to dye it into any color you desire but is also versatile in styling. Adding dark roots, highlights, ombre, curl or straighten, just customize it to your liking.

Multiple options: Ula hair offers a variety of 613 blonde wigs and 613 blonde hair, you can choose from silk straight, body wave, deep wave, 613 lace front wigs, 613 full lace wigs, etc. Click and explore the largest collection of 613 hair at Ula Hair.

Can dark skin girls wear 613 blonde?

613 lace closure wig

Sure, of course. 613 Blonde hair color is a bold hue. Some black women may be wondering if the blonde hair looks unnatural with dark skin. Actually, blonde is a good hair color for dark skin. It's available to highlight one's facial features and create a head-turning look that will not be unnoticed.

613 hair color Vs. 60 hair color

613 hair color vs. 60 hair color

613 Hair color is a light blonde shade with a snow-white undertone. 

60 Hair color is a platinum blonde shade. 

60 Hair color is lighter than 613 hair color. 

60 Hair color looks great for fair to medium skin tones, while 613 hair color goes perfectly with fair to dark skin tones well. 

How to get 613 hair color?

What you will need:

Human hair wig;

A pair of gloves;

A rattail comb;

Hair tie;

Bleach powder and hair dye;

A mixing bowl;

A brush;


A wig stand.
613 wig human hair

Step 1: Prepare your wig

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your wig. Set the wig on a wig stand. Use a rattail comb to divide the hair into two sections and secure it on the top with a hair tie. 

Step 2: Bleach your wig

Put on the gloves. Pour out some hair dye and bleach into a mixing bowl. Blend them well with a brush. Section a portion of hair, put a piece of foil under the hair strands, and use the brush to apply the bleach mixture onto the hair evenly. Wrap the hair with the foil. Continue to bleach, until all your hair is finished. Leave the bleach to sit on your hair for about 20-30 minutes. Check the hair every few minutes to see if the hair has reached the effect you desire.

Step 3: Wash the wig

Once the hair tends to be the shade you desire, rinse out the wig under the tap to remove the bleach. Use a mild shampoo to wash your wig, and rinse it again. Sock out with a soft towel, apply some hair conditioner to moisturize the wig, let the hair conditioner sit for about 10-20 minutes, and rinse it again. Use a soft towel to absorb the excess water. Set the wig on a wig stand and let it air dry. 

Then the entire bleach process is finished. You can choose to directly rock this bold 613 wig or you can color it into a lighter shade.

Best 613 wigs at Ula Hair

Some may feel it is a little bit complicated to DIY 613 hair at home, why not just buy a cheap 613 wig from Ula hair. We have committed ourselves to processing 613 hair with minimal damage. All of our 613 blonde hair is made with 100% human hair, soft, strong, smooth, bouncy, looks natural, and can last for a long time.

613 Bob wig:
613 bob wig

Ginger wig with blonde highlights:
ginger wig with blonde highlights

Blonde wig with black roots:
Blonde wig with black roots

613 Headband wig:
613 headband wig

Feel free to explore the various densities, lengths, and styles at Ula Hair.

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