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Weave vs. wig

Weave vs. wig

Weaves and wigs are viable options to go for if you want to experiment with different styles, lengths, and colors without touching your natural hair. However, many people are confused as to whether wigs and weaves are the same. Furthermore, some people don't know which one to choose. This article will outline the similarities and differences between weaves and wigs. Besides, we will help you figure out which one is best for you between wigs and weaves. But first, what are weaves and wigs?
human hair lace wigs

What are weaves and wigs?

Weaves are a type of hair extension where the hair is attached to a weft. The weft could be hand-sewn or machine-sewn. Weaves are sewn to the mane with thread and needle to add length and volume to the hair. They are also called sew-ins because of their method of installation. When installed in the hair, weaves can last up to two months.

On the other hand, wigs are made of human or synthetic hair attached to a wig cap. It is designed so that the wig covers your whole hair. It simply resembles a cap that you can put on and take off as you please.
human hair weaves with closure

Similarities between weave and wig

Based on the definition of what weaves and wigs are, we can see that they are different. Yet, there are some similarities between them. They include:

  • Natural looking

Depending on the method of installation, both human hair weaves and human hair wigs are natural looking. If you install sew-ins by leaving out some parts of your hair, you will notice that they blend naturally with your hair. Likewise, human hair lace wigs are installed with glue.

  • They are both protective styles.

Another similarity between the weave and the wig is that they are both protective styles. Protective hairstyles are styles that protect your hair from external factors such as humidity. Humidity can cause frizz. When you sew weaves into your hair, you'll notice that your natural hair is hidden beneath the weaves. Likewise, when you install wigs, your natural hair is tucked away.

  • They both offer various styling options

Both wigs and weaves offer a variety of styling options. This means that they are both available in different textures, lengths, and colors. The one you go for depends on your preference. 

sleek straight hair

Differences between weave and wig

Despite their similarities, weaves and wigs are different. Knowing the differences can help you make a more informed choice about which to choose. Here are some things that differentiate a weave from a wig:

  • Method of installation

One of the ways to differentiate between wigs and weaves is the method of installation. For wigs, the installation process is quite easy. You only need to braid your natural hair into cornrows or slick it down, then wear the wig. Yet, there are some hairpieces that you can only attach using glue, such as lace frontal wigs. Installation of these types of wigs can be a little bit complicated. On the other hand, you can only install weaves by sewing them to your hair. You will first of all braid your hair, then use a needle and thread to sew the weft of the weave to your mane. For wigs, you can install them yourself. However, you need the help of a hairdresser to install weaves. 

  • Security

The security that weaves and wigs offer is different. Weaves are secured properly on the head for the duration of the time you wear them. And this is possible because it is sewn to the hair. But, wigs are not secured properly to the head. Since it is not sewn, it could shift and sometimes fall off. And this could be embarrassing if it happened in public. The one that offers a bit of security is the one installed with glue. And even at that, they could slightly shift.

  • Method of removal

Another difference between weave and wig is their method of removal. Unless secured with glue, you can easily take off wigs by sliding them off your head. On the other hand, weaves are a little bit complicated to remove. Remember that it is sewn to the hair, so if you want to remove it, you have to cut off the thread. But you have to be careful while cutting it so you don't mistakenly cut your natural hair. If you want to reuse the weave, you have to ensure you do not cut the weft as well while removing it.

  • Suitability for hair loss

For those battling hair loss, weaves are not suitable for them. This is because before you install weave, you have to braid your natural hair. And those suffering from hair loss might not have enough natural hair to braid. But you can use a wig because you only need to slide it on like a cap. Thus, concealing any hair loss problem you might have.

  • Suitability for an active lifestyle

Another difference between a weave and a wig is its suitability for an active lifestyle. Weaves are not suitable for active lifestyles. This is because accumulated sweat could cause a bad odor, which could be embarrassing. But, because you can easily install and remove wigs, you can wear them for your active lifestyle. After that, you can remove it to wash. Or better still, you can just slide it off while in the gym and slide it on again while leaving.

deep wave wig

Weave vs. wig, which one is best for you?

We know what's on your mind now: "weave vs. wig, which should you choose?" Well, the answer to this depends on your preference and your needs. For instance, if you are battling hair thinning or hair loss, you can consider opting for a wig. If you are busy and don't have time for constant installation and removal, then weave is the most suitable option for you. This is because it lasts for about two months after installation. Also, if you want a style that will give you maximum security while wearing it, the weave is your best bet. So in the case of weave vs. wig, the most suitable one for you depends on your needs and preferences.

Final thoughts

As you can see, both weaves and wigs give you a natural look as they blend properly into your hair. You can also get various styles from both weaves and wigs. Human hair weaves and human hair wigs differ in their installation, removal, security, and so on. If you are looking for the highest quality weaves and wigs, check out Ulahair. At Ulahair, we sell human hair weaves of different textures and lengths. You can also get your human hair wig in various styles and colors.


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