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Things To Know Before Getting A Headband Wig

Things To Know Before Getting A Headband Wig

Headband wigs are in season. One scroll through Instagram and you would be presented with images of girls sporting a variety of wigs with those cute clip-on headbands but before jumping in on the trend, there are some things you should keep in mind. 

Let's dive in! 
curly headband wigs

How do headband wigs work?

They come as traditional wigs with a long piece of fabric attached across the front which makes up the headband. Headband wigs are to be worn like a cap with the headband piece acting as a fastener in addition to the combs.

What is the most popular headband wig? Straight, curly, or skunk stripe hair?

While on the hunt for a headband wig, you would be presented with various options ranging from curly wigs to skunk stripe hair and everything in between. You should focus on finding high-quality wigs that would deliver your money's worth and not just the hairstyle. A high-quality wig contains 100% cuticle-aligned human hair as these have been proven to be the most durable. 

Why do headband wigs prevail?

Two main reasons- they are easy to install and they save time. In today's world, the vast majority of people lead busy lives. While we all take time to pamper ourselves occasionally, most can't afford the luxury of a lengthy daily hairstyling routine. Women want to be able to spend as little time as possible and still look stylish, and this is where headband wigs come into the picture. Other reasons are, they are;

  • Beginner-friendly. They are a suitable choice for anyone a newcomer to the wig world because they eliminate the complexities of installing other types of wigs.
  • Versatile. They can be worn for casual looks and can be styled up for dressy looks. With headband wigs, you leave out or tuck in as much hair as you like. With some hair left out, a natural-looking hairline and hairstyle can be achieved without the hassle of a lace wig installation.
  • Soft on the edges. No glue or additional tools are required. Your edges do not have to be sacrificed in pursuit of good looks. 
  • Lightweight. This is especially suitable for those who want to feel as free as a bird while staying stylish.
  • Customizable. The headband makes room for a customized fit, so you can make it as loose or snug as you wish. 
  • Protective. Headband wigs offer protective hairstyles for women who would rather have their actual hair tucked away to meet their hair goals. They are especially useful for women who are trying to revive damaged hair.

headband wig for black women

Do headband wigs cause breakage?

The answer is absolute no, on the contrary, they help prevent breakage. Headband wigs are a type of protective hairstyle. They protect your hair from constant manipulation and the drying effects of harsh weather. Plus, when your hair is tucked underneath a headband wig, your strands are saved from constant brushing against surfaces which can cause dry, breakage-prone hair. 

Can you wear a headband wig if you're bald?

Absolutely! It is an ideal option because headband wigs offer a more snug fit which eliminates the risk of your wig sliding off as you go about your day. So, there is no need to worry about not having any hair to attach the wig combs to because you would still get a snug fit. 

How to protect your hair underneath a headband wig?

  • Start with clean hair. Putting a wig over dirty hair is a recipe for discomfort because the wig creates a layer of warmth that could get you itchy as time passes. 
  • Show some TLC. Avoid starving your hair of care just because it would be underneath a wig. Take some time to wash your hair, condition it, and moisturize regularly. You can take it a step further by using your favorite natural oil (Coconut oil is a terrific choice!) to seal the moisture into your strands.
  • Braid your hair or smooth it back. If you opt for braiding, cornrows are a wise choice since they flatten your hair and provide a stable foundation for your wig. If you would rather wear a sleek back, make sure your hair is as flat as possible so the wig looks natural.
  • Put on a wig cap. A wig cap creates a barrier between the wig and your hair. Plus, it helps keep your hair in place.
  • In between wears, keep to a consistent moisturizing routine. Use the LCO (Liquid, conditioner, oil) or LOC (Liquid, oil, conditioner) method to replenish the moisture levels of your braids.
  • If you're bald, the wig cap is not a necessity. But if you do feel uncomfortable with the wig coming in direct contact with your bald scalp, opt for a wig cap. 

burgundy headband wig

How long do human hair headband wigs last?

100% human hair wigs are the highest quality wigs and should last for up to 24 months with proper care. Your wig needs all the love you show your own hair because careful maintenance is a big determinant of its longevity. Wash your wig every two weeks, condition each time you wash, moisturize and store on a wig stand or in a satin bag when not in use. In the case of styling, use a heat protectant product to avoid damage. 

Where can I find high-quality headband wigs?

Now that you know all there is to know, where do you get headband wigs?

Ula Hair is highly recommended. We have an array of high-quality headband wigs that can cater to everyone's unique style and preference. So whether you're a fan of straighter styles, curly hair, colored hair, or something wavy, there is something for you. 

Additionally, we offer faster delivery services when you "need something real quick".

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Final note

Headband wigs are a blessing. Investing in one of these items is a guaranteed way to look stylish for a fraction of the usual cost and effort. 


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