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A Comprehensive Guide To Faux Locs

A Comprehensive Guide To Faux Locs

Gone are the days when you waited for years to grow out your dreadlocks. Girls can now achieve a personalized and chic full head of dreadlocks within a few hours by adding faux locs. 

What are faux locs?

As the name implies, faux locs are a temporary and protective style to add loc'd extensions to achieve a voluminous and personalized dreadlock look. It's ideal for those dreadlocks lovers who don't fancy the impossibility of unwinding. This style is chic and helps to protect your natural hair from heat exposure and damage from harsh chemicals. 

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faux locs

Are faux locs heavy to wear?

Yes, faux locs are soft and light, but they can be heavy if you attach too many dreadlock extensions to your head. If your faux locs are too heavy, it can bring extra tension and lead to breakage to your natural hair and scalp. Thus, opt for lighter-texture dreadlock extensions and avoid keeping faux locs on your head for a long time. By the way, make sure your natural hair and scalp are in a good condition before making faux locs.

Is faux locs a protective style?

Yes, faux locs are a protective style. Your natural hair is wrapped and braided underneath the locks, which helps to protect your hair from heat styling and retain moisture. What's more, to take down natural dreadlocks you have to cut them off. While faux locs can be easily removed and prevent pushing your hair to the point of no return. But keep in mind that if they are installed badly, faux locs may damage your hair. Thus, avoid braiding or crocheting too many dreadlock extensions to your head, and always go for lightweight faux locs.

What do you need for faux locs?

Faux locs style is achieved by using braiding hair or dreadlock extensions. These types of hair extensions are typically synthetic hair, such as Marley or Kanekalon hair.

How many packs of hair do you need for faux locs?

Typically 6-8 packs of locs can make a full head. If you desire thicker dreadlocks, you can also invest in a few packs of braiding hair to wrap around your locs.
stuuning faux locs

How to install faux locs?

There are two methods of installing faux locs. You can choose the crochet method or opt for the wrap-around method as you desire.

Method 1: Wrap-around

What you need:

Braiding hair for faux locs;

Moisturizing hair cream or leave-in conditioner;

A rattail comb;

Hair clips;

A wide-tooth comb;

Shampoo and conditioner;

A crochet needle;

A lighter or rubber bands.

Step 1: Cleanse your scalp and natural hair

Detangle your natural hair with a wide-tooth comb. Shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would. Towel dry your hair or blow it dry with the lowest heat setting. Message some leave-in conditioner or moisturizing hair cream into your hair to create a moisturized base.

Step 2: Section your hair

Make a horizontal part from ear to ear. Clip up the upper section of natural hair so that it can not disturb you. Use a rattail comb to create a small grip (1*1 inch) or a small diamond-shaped section on the bottom part. Spray water and rub a small amount of hair cream on it. Repeat to do so until you finished a full head.

Step 3: Twist your hair

Grab a strand of braiding hair and fold it in the middle. Put the middle of the braiding hair in between two strands of your natural hair. Twist one side of the braiding hair together with a natural hair strand in one direction until you reach the ends of your natural hair strand. Repeat twisting another side of braiding hair with another natural hair strand together in the opposite direction. And then wrap around these two strands together till the end. Use a lighter to secure the braid. 

Step 4: Crochet hair extensions

Use a crochet needle to hook a strand of hair extensions through the roots of the braid. Wrap the hair extensions around the braid till the ends. Secure the ends with a lighter. Repeat to twist and braid until you finished full head dreadlocks.

Step 5: Nourish your scalp

Gently massage a small amount of leave-in conditioner or lightweight oil to nourish your scalp. 

Step 6: Style your dreadlocks

You can deck out your dreadlocks with some beads or a scarf. You can simply pull the dreadlocks into a bun or create a half-up half-down style.

Method 2: Crochet faux locs

The crochet method is easier and quicker to wear dreadlocks than the wrap-around method. Crochet faux locs are typically cheaper than hand-wrapping faux locs. 

What you need:

Dreadlock extensions;

A wide-tooth comb;

Shampoo and conditioner;


Rubber bands;

Crochet needle;

Step 1: Prepare your hair

Comb your hair to minimize tangles before washing your hair. Shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would. Set your hairdryer at a low temperature and blow your hair dry. 

Step 2: Cornrow your hair

Braid your hair into cornrows. Be mind that makes your cornrows as flat as possible but not so tight. Secure the cornrows with some rubber bands. Stuff the tails into gaps between the cornrows to achieve a flat base. 

Step 3: Latch hair extensions

Put your latch hook through under a cornrow. Use the crochet needle to pull a strand of dreadlock extension through a cornrow. Pull the through-away part of the hair extension into a hoop. Loop another part of the hair extension through the hoop and pull to secure the extension to the cornrow. Repeat to latch dreadlocks until you finish a full head.

Step 4: Style your locs

Faux locs give various styling options so you can always keep your faux locs style fresh. You can choose to add some beads or strips to switch up your faux locs style. Or you can buy hair extensions in a couple of different colors to wrap around your locs. 

Here is a video tutorial on how to make faux locs:

How to care for faux locs?

Faux locs are a protective style that requires minimal maintenance. Here are some tips for faux locs maintenance that can easily be done at home:

  • Ensure your natural hair is clean, healthy, and moisturized before wearing faux locs.
  • Wrap around your locs with a satin scarf at night to prevent your hair from getting frizzy. Or you can invest in a satin pillowcase to minimize friction.
  • Detangle your faux locs with your fingers.
  • Trim the frizzy hair with a pair of sharp scissors to refresh your faux locs style.
  • Rub a small amount of hair gel into the tails to keep your faux locs from unraveling. 
  • Wash less. Wash your hair once every two weeks or three weeks when you have faux locs installed. Or you don't need to wash your faux locs when they are worn on your head unless your scalp feels an unbearable itch.

How long do faux locs last?

Typically, faux locs can last for about 4-6 weeks with proper care and TLC. Never let the faux locs last on your head for more than 8 weeks, or it may damage your natural hair and scalp.

How long do faux locs take?

The installation process takes about 4-9 hours. Since the dreadlocks are individually added to your head, the installation takes quite a long time. It varies depending on the size of your dreadlocks, the extension method you go for, and the proficiency of your extension technique. But waiting is worth it because faux locs can last for 4-6 weeks. 

How much do faux locs cost?

Faux locs cost anywhere between $100 to $300 to install. The charge varies depending on the texture of your hair extensions, the length of your locs, the extension method you opt for, your area, and your stylist.  

Can you wash your faux locs?

Of course, you can wash your hair with faux locs installed. However, faux locs don't need to be washed at all. You can clean your scalp with a dry shampoo with faux locs installed. But if you feel unbearably itchy, of course, you can wash them. Be reminded that only shampoo your roots. Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner for your roots, and rinse your locs with water. 

Here are four quick steps to wash your faux locs:

Step 1: Dilute your favorite shampoo in a water spray bottle. 

Step 2: Wet your scalp and gently rub the shampoo spray into your real hair and scalp with the pads of your fingers. Never scratch your scalp with your nails. Rinse off the products.

Step 3: Apply conditioner to moisturize your roots. Rinse it off thoroughly again.

Step 4: Finally, pat your hair dry with a soft towel. Massage a small amount of leave-in conditioner or natural oil into your locs to add extra moisture. 

How to remove faux locs?

It's quite easy to remove faux locs. The whole removal process can smoothly be done at home by yourself. You just need to grab a faux loc and use a pair of sharp scissors to trim off the burned end. And then unravel the locs one by one. Finally, shampoo and condition as you normally would. The removal of faux locs is an easy job that requires no more skills but patience.


Faux locs are a chic protective style that is loved by many celebrities. This style requires no more professional maintenance but patience. You can definitely create your own faux locs at home with this instruction. 


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