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Platinum Blonde Hair vs. Ash Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair vs. Ash Blonde Hair

Both platinum blonde and ash blonde hair colors have gained popularity in recent years, and it's important to understand the distinctions between them to make an informed decision about which one is right for you. By the end of this post, you'll have a better understanding of which shade of blonde will suit your skin tone and personal style best.

What is platinum blonde hair?

Platinum blonde hair is a very light shade of blonde hair that is almost white or silver in appearance. It is typically achieved through bleaching or lightening the hair to remove its natural pigmentation and then toning it with a cool or ash-toned blonde color. This process can be quite intensive and may require multiple bleaching sessions depending on the starting hair color and the desired result.

The result of platinum blonde hair is a striking and attention-grabbing look that is often associated with glamour and high fashion. It can also be quite versatile, as it pairs well with a variety of makeup looks and clothing styles.

What is ash blonde hair?

Ash blonde hair is a cool-toned shade of blonde that has a grayish, almost silvery undertone. It's a popular hair color choice that can range from very light, almost white blonde to a darker, more muted hue. Ash blonde hair is achieved by mixing a cool-toned shade of blonde with shades of gray or blue to neutralize the warmth in the hair.

The term "ash" refers to the cool, muted tones in the hair, which can give it a more natural and sophisticated look. Ash blonde hair is a great choice for those who want a lighter hair color without the brassy or yellow tones that can come with traditional blonde shades.
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Difference between ash blonde and platinum blonde

Ash blonde and platinum blonde are both popular hair colors that are commonly seen in fashion and beauty trends. Although they may appear similar, there are distinct differences between the two shades that are worth noting.

Ash blonde is a cool, muted shade of blonde that typically has a gray or ashy undertone. It is not as bright as platinum blonde and has a more natural look. Ash blonde hair tends to blend well with natural skin tones, making it a popular choice for people who want a subtle change in their hair color. Ash blonde is achieved by mixing blonde hair dye with a toner that has a cool undertone.

Platinum blonde, on the other hand, is a very light and bright shade of blonde that has little to no warm or cool undertones. It is a high-maintenance hair color that requires frequent touch-ups to maintain its bright, icy appearance. Platinum blonde is achieved by using bleach to lift the natural pigment from the hair, which can be damaging if not done properly. This color is more attention-grabbing and can make a bold statement.

Another difference between ash blonde and the platinum blonde is that ash blonde tends to be more forgiving on those with yellow or orange undertones in their hair, as the ash tone helps to neutralize these warm tones. On the other hand, platinum blonde can emphasize any yellow or orange tones in the hair, which can be unflattering on some skin tones.

In summary, the main differences between ash blonde and platinum blonde are the undertones, brightness, and maintenance requirements. Ash blonde is a more natural, muted shade with a cool undertone, while platinum blonde is a brighter, high-maintenance shade with little to no undertones. Choosing between the two shades ultimately depends on personal preference and skin tone.
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Platinum Blonde Hair vs. Ash-blonde Hair, which is better for you?

Choosing between platinum blonde and ash-blonde hair depends on your personal preferences, as well as your skin tone, natural hair color, and overall style. Here are some things to consider:

Platinum blonde hair is a very light, almost white shade of blonde that can be quite striking. It works well on those with fair skin and cool undertones, as well as those with a bit of punk or edgy style. Platinum blonde hair requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking bright and healthy, as bleaching can be damaging to hair. It's also important to note that platinum blonde hair can be difficult to achieve for those with naturally darker hair, as it requires a lot of bleach and can lead to damage if not done carefully.

On the other hand, ash-blonde hair is a cooler, more muted shade of blonde that has gray or green undertones. It works well on those with fair to medium skin tones, as well as those with naturally lighter hair. Ash-blonde hair is often a more natural-looking option, and it's typically easier to achieve than platinum blonde. It's also a great choice for those who want a low-maintenance look, as it doesn't require as much upkeep as other blonde shades.

Ultimately, the choice between platinum blonde and ash-blonde hair comes down to your personal preferences and what will complement your natural features. If you're not sure which shade to choose, consider consulting with a stylist who can help you find the perfect hue for your skin tone and hair type.

Gorgeous blonde hair at Ula Hair

Ula Hair Blonde hair come in a range of shades, from the brightest platinum blonde to the softest golden hue. The hair is typically fine in texture and has a natural shine that catches the light beautifully. One might notice that the strands are often smooth and silky to the touch, with a gentle flow that moves effortlessly in the wind. Made from 100% Remy human hair, these extensions are of the highest quality and will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. They are easy to style and can be curled, straightened, or braided just like your own hair. You can also customize the length and volume of the extensions to achieve your desired look, whether you want to add just a touch of volume or transform your hair into long, flowing locks.


In conclusion, both platinum blonde and ash-blonde hair are popular and trendy choices for those seeking a lighter hair color. While platinum blonde is a bright, almost-white shade, ash-blonde is a cooler, more muted tone with grey or green undertones. The choice between the two ultimately depends on personal preference, skin tone, and natural hair color. Ultimately, whether you choose platinum blonde or ash-blonde, it's essential to take good care of your hair to keep it healthy and looking its best.

Ula Hair blonde human hair extensions are a stunning and versatile option for anyone who wants to elevate their look. Whether you're getting ready for a special occasion or just want to add some extra oomph to your everyday style, these extensions are a must-have. With their luxurious texture, vibrant color, and long-lasting durability, they are sure to become your new go-to accessory for fabulous hair.


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