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Different types of lace closures

Different types of lace closures

In this post, we will give you all the basic information on the different types of closures. Including, what they are? What they're used for? And how to choose from different lace closures? And everything like that. So if you are new to wigs or weaves, this post should be helpful for you in terms of closures.

What is a lace closure?

The lace closure is the piece that goes on the top front of your hair whenever you are doing a DIY wig or a sew-in. 

A lace closure is made with a transparent netted material. And it has a little piece of extra lace material hanging off the front of it. So when you wear the closure you can customize a hairline over the lace piece to match your natural hairline.

Why do you need a lace closure?

The idea behind a closure is to prevent you from having to have any of your real hair lifted out on top of your weaves to fully protect your natural hair and your edges underneath. Besides, the lace closure can also provide a natural finish to create an illusion that the hair strands are directly growing from your own scalp. 

This post will show you three types of closures that are the most sought-after in the market.

1. HD Lace Closure

The HD lace closure (High definition lace closure) is a very thin and soft, and invisible lace closure. It can almost melt into all skin tones and is really very undetectable.

If you put the HD lace closure against your hand, it shows the color of your own skin from underneath, and it goes for the same thing on your head. If you're putting it on top of your hair, it's going to show your hair color underneath or your wig cap underneath, or whatever you have underneath. Cause the HD lace closure is completely see-through. 

So if you want it to look like your scalp, either wear a nude wig cap or have your hair parted properly, or go in with a little flat brush and apply some concealer that is the same color as your part or some powder makeup, and paint that color in to make it the same color as your natural scalp. So that it blends in seamlessly.

2. Transparent Lace Closure

The transparent lace closure comes with a piece of transparent nude-colored lace fabric, in which a whole bunch of millions of strands of hair is hand-tied one by one. 

It creates a human-like appearance that looks like a part of your natural hair. Typically, we suggest transparent lace closures for women with light skin tones. But we also found that the transparent lace can melt into all skin tones after being bleached knots.

3. Silk base closure

The silk lace closure has a piece of silk-like fabric as the base. It gives you a nude look, and you don't necessarily have to worry about lining it up or putting makeup on it. But some people with darker complexions may not prefer this silk base closure, because it does come in kind of a universal scalp color that may be unnatural to them. If you have a darker complexion, lace closure may be better for you. But if you are okay with this standard base color, the silk base closure might be really a convenient option, cause you can jump over some of the steps out of the process.

HD lace closure Vs. Transparent lace closure Vs. Silk base closure

If you want to give your weaves a never go error finish, the HD lace closure should be a good choice. This type of lace closure is soft and airy, which can almost blend well on all skin tones.

If you are searching for a soft and airy lace closure that is cheaper, the transparent lace closure is a wallet-friendly option.

If you have lighter skin, and you are searching for a durable and natural closure, the skin base closure is also a good choice for you.

Ula Hair offers various types of lace closures to flatter different customers. You can get your closures in whatever hair texture you need to match your weave. So if you have a curly weave, you can get a curly closure. You can choose from different lace materials to create a more natural effect according to your skin tone. What's more, you don't need to stick with the parting as the closure comes, you can definitely customize your own closures. If you don't like your part going straight down the middle, you can take your comb and part the hair wherever you want. You can part it diagonally, you can part it in kind of a curve if you prefer. So you will surely find your perfect fit lace closure at Ula Hair.


Lace Closure FAQs:

Q: How to change the parting on a closure?

Wet the hair part, then dry the hair with a blow dryer, and that helps it stay how you want. Or you can part the hair as you desire and then hair spray it, use a flat iron to make the hairs lay down and then make a new part where you want it to be in.


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