How to Make Wig Lace Closure and Hair Bundles
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How to Make Wig with Lace Closure and hair bundles

Why Choose Make A Wig With Bundles and Lace Closure ?
(DIY your own Wig)

To Be The Most Special One:
Bundles and closure let you easily duplicate your own hairstyle, add length when you want it, fullness where you need it, and color that’s as unique as you are. Everyone can walk into any beauty supply store and buy a wig. which is not 100% for only you. But custom wigs can help you transition from the Big Chop.

To Protect Your Own Hair:
Many natural hair enthusiasts use wigs to protect their natural tresses while they transition from a relaxer or grow out length after a big chop. When you use bundles and a lace closure, you can create the precise look you want without ever having to worry about seeing your hairstyle duplicated. Bundles and weaves are a very affordable and durable way to have the best hair day of your life – every single day.

To Save Your Money:
The cost for a wig is determined by the cap type, hair type and density and length, with prices ranging from $185 on into the thousands! Human Virgin Hair Wig is more expensive than virgin human hair and a 12 inch wig is definitely going to cost less than a 24 inch learn how to make a wig will save your money.

How to make wig

What Should You Prepare For Making A Wig

●weaving thread,
●curved needles,
●hair bundles
●lace closure
●wig cap


How To Make a Wig ?

Choose a wig cap that fits perfectly to your head.
Sewing the lace closure into the front of the cap.
Start to sew the bundles round and round from the bottle to the top. You may choose to cut the Undles or not. To be honest, we don't suggest you cut it, cause it may cause a little shedding.

Cut the elastic, Make sure your new creation fits your head snuggly. Then sew it into the back of the wig.

Congratulation! You just finish your WIG. Now you may style it and make it more beautiful.
Before your try to do your wig making,how to make wig sounds very difficult to you.but after you read it you will know what you need to prepare what steps you need to do one by one.after you finish it you will know how to make wig with lace closure and hair bundles is easy and value to try.


Tips For Making Wig

Here are five of my favorite tips for making a wig that looks so natural, no one will ever guess you’re wearing it.
1. Pluck a few strands of hair to create a more natural looking part on your closure
2. Add concealer to make your part blend seamlessly with your hairline
3. Use wide elastic to give your wig a truly custom fit that will stay in place during any activity
4. Don’t sew wefts of bundled hair so closely together that your wig becomes bulky and heavy
5. Choose the right size wig cap that’s big enough to cover you head, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable