The Difference Between Lace Wig and Weave hair
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The Difference Between Lace Wig and Weave hair

Lace Wig and Weave Hair,What Is The Difference?

Firstly, Let's have a quick introduction and definition what they are.
A wig means simply the covering of the hair or hair covering from an animal, synthetic or human hair. Maybe you have permanent hair loss, thinning hair. Maybe your hair is too short and grows slowly. Maybe you just want beautiful long hair, a lace wig is definitely a good choice.

Therefore, hair weave essentially means the addition of hair to cover baldness or adding hair to one’s natural hair. The added hair can be human or synthetic. Human hair is obtained from hair cut from donors. There are many different weaving types in the market.

What's the difference between them? 

Let's talk about the lace wig first.
Why some people love wigs?

Anyone who has tried lace wigs will agree that wigs are the best invention. It hit the hair weaves market so hard. 
●More Convenient: wig is easy to wear, and you can take off the wig anytime you so desire to give you the Liberty or to change other looks easily.
●Save Time: lace wigs need to wear every day.if you good at it it will not take you too much time.and once complete it can last a whole day.
●Save Money: in the past years, due to the lack of technology, the price for lace wigs was high. But now lace wig is no longer high anymore. On Ula hair store, it is cheaper than bundles that in the same length . 

Wearing wigs WON'T be hot and uncomfortable anymore! 

Wigs of yesterday were quite uncomfortable to wear due to the lack of engineering technology and methods to implement serenity on account of the user. Now the lace wigs are handmade, they can ventilate your head. And fits your head well.

Ula Lace Wig Features:

●All hand-tied wigs with 100% Human Hair, 150% density;
●Swiss lace, make it comfortable and breathable
●Deep cap with medium size, easy to fix but hard to slip off
●Natural hairline with baby hair
●100% no tangle, no shedding , can last up to 3-5 years

lace wig
360 lace frontal wig

How To Install A wig?- Few Minutes Work 

● Using the two hands, the wig should be held where the nape is and the head should be tilted forward. This is a placement in front of the back motion.
● You can position the wig in front which is above the eyebrows and gently slip the wig just as a cap for bathing.
● Another way is by pushing the wig at the front till it is a bit below the hairline which is natural. When it is now in place, pleat the hair any desired way.
● If you want it firmer and more, you'd better glue it.

Why Choose Weave Hair?

No glue need when you get the hair weaves done. usually need to go to the salon to spend a long time doing a sew-in hairstyles and it will charge you again.
A weave hair can consist of a few tracks, or the whole head can be braided(what we call weaving or cornrows) for a full head weave. With a full head weave, the braids are sewn down or covered with a net Extensions. It looks natural. And ventilated your head. But it takes a long time.

The most difference between them is one(wig) can be worn directly, but another on(bundle) need to be sewed into our own natural hair. Anyway, they are both beautiful. Everyone has different choice, so what's your choice?
No matter which one you choose is your best choice!