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Is 150% density good for a wig?

Is 150% density good for a wig?

Is 150% density good for a wig? The short and direct answer to this question is “Definitely yes”. Have you ever felt confused about which wig density to get while buying a wig? Then this post is for you.

What does the density of a wig mean?

Wig density is a percentage to define how thick or thin the hair is on a wig. It refers to the overall thickness of hair strands on a wig. The higher the percentage is, the fuller the wig will look, the lower the percentage is, the thinner the wig will look. Correspondingly, the higher the wig density is, the heavier the wig is.
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150% Density wig meaning?

150% Density wig is a nice density for those who desire to reach a natural hair look with a little bit more fullness. It is one of the most popular densities when buying a wig.

Wig density chart:

130% Density wig (natural/ light hair density): This level is closest to the average natural hair density of most African American women. It doesn't look too thick nor too thin, but hard to detect. If you desire a natural-looking wig to create an illusion that the hair is yours, 130% density wig is for you. 

150% Density wig (natural/ medium hair density): This level of hair density is a little bit fuller than the normal standard of natural hair. But it's not too heavy for daily wear. 150% Density hair looks natural and works to bring you a fuller hair look with premium comfort.

180% Density wig (natural/ heavy hair density): This level of hair density is a little bit heavy, but works to provide the wearers a luxury and thick hair look. It's preferred by many young girls who wanna have beautiful tresses.

200%-250% Density wig (luxury/ extra heavy hair density): This is almost the highest density wig level. It has some weight and can bring the wears slightly uncomfortable. But this high-density wig looks luxurious and is more versatile in styling. It's mostly preferred by actors or celebrities. 
wig density chart

130% Vs. 150% density wig

If you are searching for the most natural-looking wig that can bring you a premium comfy, the 130% density wig should be a better choice. If you desire a natural and fuller hair look, the 150% density wig can no doubt satisfy you. 

150% Vs. 180% density wig

Compare with the 180% density wig, 150% density wig is more comfortable for wearing. If you desire a fuller and more luxurious hair look, pick the 180% density wig.

By the way, one of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration is the wig length. If your wig length is range from 12 to 14 inches, both 130% density wigs and 150% density wigs are good choices. If your wig length is range from 16 to 20 inches, 150% density hair and 180% density hair should be better. If your hair length is longer than 22 inches, you might need to pick the 180% density wig or 200% density wig. The longer hair your wig is, the high density you should pick.

Ula Hair 150% density wig collection

Explore the best 150% density wigs at Ula Hair. Choose from 150% density bob wig150% density curl wig, 150% density glueless wig, 150% density 13x4 wig, 150% density 4x4 wig, etc. Ula Hair 150% density wigs are made with 100% human hair, soft, sleek, textured, come with a natural luster, and can last up to 1-2 years. 

How to add volume to your wig? (How to make your hair looks thicker?)

Tip 1: Sew in hair weave to add volume to your wig. Be noticed that to pick human hair bundles that have a similar texture to the wig, so that the hair weave can blend well with your wig.

Tip 2: Blow dry your wig by flipping the hair upside down, and use your finger to loosen the hair while blowing. You can also choose to clip your hair up with some hair rollers while blowing your hair. 

Tip 3: Avoid over-comb your wig. Pick a wide-tooth comb or just use your fingers to comb the hair regularly.

Tip 4: Detangle your wig thoroughly with a wide-tooth comb before washing it. Condition the wig with a hair-thickening conditioner after washing it.

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