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How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

Hair extensions switch up your hair game from zero to one hundred. With hair extensions, you can experiment with different lengths, colors, and textures. But, many women do not know how to hide extensions in their hair, especially those with very short hair. This article will highlight some tricks that can help you hide hair extensions in short hair. 

Can you put hair extensions on very short hair?

Many people with very short hair often wonder whether they can put hair extensions in their hair. The answer is yes, you can. But, while putting hair extensions on short hair, you have to be careful. Make sure you install it so that others will not be able to tell the hair extensions apart from the hair.

What extensions are appropriate for short hair?

We can revamp our look with hair extensions. But, when it comes to women with short hair, not all hair extensions are suitable for them. Below are the types of extensions that are appropriate for short hair.

Clip-in extensions

clip-in hair extensions
There are many extensions that are suitable for very short hair, including clip-in extensions for short hair. With clip-ins, strands of hair are sewn together and secured at the root with small clips. So, you only need to clip the extension to a section of your strands when installing it on your short hair. This extension is very convenient to use, as you can easily install and remove it. If you take proper care of them, they might last for a long time.

Tape-in extensions

tape-in hair extensions
Another type of hair extension for short hair is tape-ins. These extensions are just like clip-ins. However, in the case of tape-ins, the strands are attached to an adhesive tab just like plaster. To install, section out a part of your hair and pull off the strip on the adhesive tab of the tape-in. Place one tape-in beneath the section of your hair, and place another one above it. These two tape-ins will stick together, and your mane will be sandwiched between them. You will use alcohol to remove the tab when you want to remove the extension. To reuse the tape-ins, you have to buy a new set of adhesive tabs.

Tip extensions

Tip extensions are also suitable for very short hair. There are two types of tips: I-tips and U-tips. For I-tips, strands of hair are held together by a tiny cylinder. And this can be installed in the hair using microbeads. Keratin bonds are used to install U-tips into the hair. These tip extensions are designed to conceal the extension in your natural hair. 

Tricks to hide hair extensions in short hair?

Now that you know the best extensions for short hair, it is time to learn how to hide hair extensions in short hair. Here are some tricks that can help you hide hair extensions in short hair:

  • Cut the extensions to blend with your hair.

One of the ways to hide hair extensions on short hair is by trimming the extension. Then blend it with your natural hair. You have two options for this. You can either cut it in layers or make the extensions into pixie cut extensions. To start with, you need to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your extensions. Then install it on your natural hair. After that, start trimming the extensions. If you want to cut in layers, the shortest layer should be about 1 inch away from the length of your hair. Then cut gradually till you reach the number of layers you want. On the other hand, you can cut your hair extensions into a pixie cut to hide them in short hair. While cutting the extensions, make sure you do it carefully. This way, you won't unnecessarily cut off your natural hair. If you are not sure that you won't make a mistake, we recommend that you go to a hairstylist to do it for you.

  • Opt for short curly hair extensions

Another trick for hiding hair extensions on short hair is to opt for short curly hair extensions. With short hair extensions, you do not need to cut your extensions. Because it is curly and short, people will barely notice the difference between your hair and the extensions, especially if you have a kinky mane. Besides, short hair extensions reduce styling time and offer you various styling options.

  • Choose the right color.

Choosing the right color that blends with your natural hair is another excellent trick. When you use extensions of the same color as your mane, people barely notice the hair extensions. For instance, if your hair is blonde, you should opt for blonde extensions. If it is brown, you should opt for brown extensions. But if you want to use a different color, we recommend that the color of the root of the extension be the same as your natural mane. This way, others will think you dyed the tip of your hair. 

  • Go for heavyweight set extensions.

Another trick is to go for heavy-set extensions. The reason for this is that lightweight extensions might be difficult to make into pixie-cut extensions. So, it might not blend well with your short natural hairIf you purchase heavyweight set extensions, though, you will find it easy to blend them into your short mane. So, always try to go for extensions of about 220 grams.

  • Put it in a braid.

You can also put your extensions in braids to hide them in short hair. To do this, place the strands of your extensions in between your natural hair. Then start braiding it together. The interesting thing about this trick is that it does not only hide your extensions, but it also serves as a protective style. It protects both your scalp and hairline.

Final Thoughts

Making hair extensions appear like natural hair can be a daunting task for women with short hair. But, we hope you have learned a thing or two about how to go about it in this article. 100% human hair short hair extensions are available at Ulahair. Besides, if you want to buy quality clip-in extensions for short hair, tape-ins, and I-tips, you can get them at Ulahair.


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