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5 Chic & Quick ways to wear box braids

5 Chic & Quick ways to wear box braids

Box braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles among black women. Stylish and versatile, the braided style never gets old as well as low maintenance and moisture retention make it a favorite of girls. It's ideal for those girls who want to experiment with different hairstyles without damaging their natural hair. Moreover, box braids with weave make this chic braid style also appropriate for short hair.

Here in this post, Ula Hair collects the 10 hottest box braid hairstyles for black hair. Keep scrolling and get inspiration for your next box braids style!

1. Jumbo knotless box braids

Knotless Jumbo box braids are chic and personalized. This is not only a convenient solution to save your hands from daily hair styling, but it also takes less time to install and remove. 

To create Jumbo knotless box braids, you just need to divide your natural hair into several box shapes evenly. Then, you need to slick the edges back with gel to smooth the edges and braid each grid into a braid. If you have short hair or you desire long braids, add braiding hair to your box braids to add length and thickness. Finally, dip the ends of the braids in hot water to seal them off.

We have made a detailed tutorial on how to do Jumbo box braids in our previous post: How To: Super Flat & Easy Jumbo Box Braids, click and read more. 

2. Box braid high ponytail

Ponytail box braids are also one of the most favored protective hairstyles among black women. Wearing box braids into a ponytail is a quick and easy way to show off your facial features. What's more, it's also a flexible option that can be perfectly paired with all kinds of outfits and handle all occasions. 

Here is a simple tutorial to create box braids on natural hair. 

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your scalp and natural hair. Use a soft towel to squeeze out the excess water. Blow it dry and straighten it with the lowest heat setting. 

Step 2: Evenly divide your natural hair into small boxy shapes and braid each section with a braid. Undo a braid and slick the edges back with gel. Braid as normal at the roots. Wrap a strand of braiding hair around the base and then braid. Continue to braid other box-shaped sections. Finally, dip the end of all the braids in hot water to seal them off.

Step 3: Leave 2-3 strands of braids out. Pull the rest of the braids into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Grab the leave-out braids and wrap them around your ponytail. Finally, insert a few bobby pins for a tighter hold. 

View our video tutorial to learn how to create box braids ponytails. 

3. Braided bun

Top knot with box braids keeps your hair out of your face. It's practical and neat, an ideal hairstyle to go for if you are working out or taking care of your baby, etc. Moreover, it's also a quick and easy style for box braids.

Here is a simple tutorial to style your box braids into a top knot.
box braids bun

Step 1: Pull your box braids into a high ponytail on your crown and secure the ponytail with a hair tie. 

Step 2: Twist your braid ponytail into a top knot to hide the hair tie. Insert some bobby pins at the base of the top knot to secure it. 

4. Peekaboo box braids

Peekaboo box braids are a style of highlight braids that is becoming very popular. This style is very flexible and versatile because it's available in numerous colors. And you can choose to braid different colors of braiding hair extensions above your nape or on one side of the tracks. 

Watch the video tutorial on how to do rainbow peekaboo box braids. Find more inspiration for your box braids!

5. Bohemian box braids

Bohemian box braids are on the base of normal box braids with strands of undone curly hair. This box braids style looks more fluffy, softer, and more feminine than traditional box braids styles. It's a goddess hairstyle that looks stunning paired with a printed dress and going for a walk along the beach.
Bohemian box braids

Here is a simple tutorial on how to do bohemian box braids at home.

Step 1: Clean your scalp and natural hair. Ensure they are healthy and clean. Make sure your hair is flat, straight, and detangled.

Step 2: Divide your natural hair into full head grids and braid each section into a braid. Pull out a braid, slick back the edges of the box shape, attach braiding hair, and blend it with your natural hair, then braid them together for a few inches. Attach a strand of curly crochet hair to your braid and braid another couple of inches. And then take out one section of curly crochet hair and clip it up to leave it out. Braid the rest of the hair together till the end. Dip the end of the braid in the hot water to seal it off. Continue to braid other grids with hair extensions and attach them with curly crochet hair until you finish the full head.

Step 3: The goddess bohemian box braids are already finished. You can squeeze out a small amount of hair oil and apply it to the braids to add a polished touch.


These 5 styles are easy to do. We hope you enjoyed them and they will inspire your next box braids hairstyles.


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