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A Comprehensive Guide To Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke, the late rapper known for his unique style and musical talent, made a lasting impression on the music scene. One key expression of his iconic image was his braided hairstyle, now popularly referred to as "Pop Smoke braids." These distinctive braids have gained widespread admiration, inspiring countless men and women to replicate the look.

If you're eager to achieve Pop Smoke Braids, look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to help you master the art of Pop Smoke Braids.

Whether you're a devoted fan paying homage to Pop Smoke or simply drawn to the appeal of these braids, this guide has you covered. From preparing your hair to the braiding process and essential maintenance tips, we'll cover everything you need to know to confidently rock your own version of Pop Smoke Braids.

Get ready to embark on a journey to recreate one of hip-hop's most recognizable hairstyles. Let's dive into this ultimate guide and unlock the secrets behind Pop Smoke braids, allowing you to embrace the spirit of his unforgettable style.
pop smoke braids

What are pop smoke braids?

Pop Smoke was an American rapper known for his unique style and distinctive look. One of the prominent aspects of his appearance was his hairstyle, commonly referred to as "Pop Smoke braids" or "Pop Smoke hairstyle."

Pop Smoke typically sported a hairstyle that the hair is closely woven to the scalp in rows with a signature middle part. Pop Smoke Braids are often long and thin, extending down to the shoulders or beyond. Pop Smoke Braids typically come in 4 groups on each side of the head.

The braids were a key part of Pop Smoke's aesthetic and became one of his signature looks. Many fans and admirers of his style have also adopted similar braided hairstyles as a tribute to him.
layer pop smoke braids

Why is it called pop smoke braids?

The term "Pop Smoke braids" is used to refer to the hairstyle popularized by the late rapper Pop Smoke. The name specifically associates the style with him because he was known for frequently wearing his hair in this chic braiding style.

Pop Smoke gained significant attention and recognition for his music and unique style, which included his hairstyle. As he rose to prominence in the music industry, his distinct braided hairstyle became synonymous with his image and persona. Fans and admirers of Pop Smoke began referring to the hairstyle as "Pop Smoke braids" as a way to pay homage to him and recognize the impact he had on popularizing that particular look.

The term "Pop Smoke braids" serves as a way to identify and distinguish that specific hairstyle from other braided hairstyles and connect it to Pop Smoke's influential presence in the music and fashion world.
rapper pop smoke

What hair extensions are recommended for creating pop smoke braids?

To create a hairstyle resembling Pop Smoke braids, you generally don't need hair extensions. Pop Smoke's signature look was achieved primarily through braiding his natural hair. However, if you have shorter or thinner hair and wish to add length or volume to recreate a similar style, you can consider using hair extensions. For a style that mimics Pop Smoke Braids, you would typically use braiding hair extensions. These extensions are specifically designed for braiding and come in various colors, textures, and lengths. Here are some simplified recommendations:

  1. Kanekalon Hair Extensions: Kanekalon extensions made from synthetic fibers are lightweight and easy to style. 
  2. Human Hair Extensions: Human hair extensions offer a natural and versatile option. They blend seamlessly with your own hair and can be styled like natural hair.
  3. Pre-stretched Braiding Hair: Pre-stretched hair has a natural texture and reduces tangling. It saves time during the braiding process and provides a neater appearance.

When selecting hair extensions, prioritize quality and durability. Choose extensions that match your natural hair color or opt for a complementary shade. Consider the length and thickness of the extensions to achieve your desired style.

By choosing the right extensions, you ensure a natural and long-lasting look that enhances your pop smoke braids.

How many packs of hair do you need for pop smoke braids?

The number of hair extension packs needed for pop smoke braids can vary based on factors like hair length, desired thickness, and personal preferences. Here's a simplified guideline:

  1. Short to Medium Length Hair: Typically, 5 to 7 packs of hair extensions are sufficient for pop smoke braids on short to medium-length hair, creating a moderately full look.
  2. Medium to Long Length Hair: For medium to long hair, you may need around 7 to 10 packs of hair extensions to cover a larger surface area and achieve the desired length and volume.

Keep in mind that these are general estimates, and factors like desired thickness, hair texture, and braiding pattern can affect the number of packs required. It's advisable to have some extra packs on hand and consult with a hairstylist for personalized advice.

Remember, these estimates are just starting points, and personal preferences play a role in determining the number of hair extension packs needed for your pop smoke braids.
pop smoke braids style

How to do pop smoke braids?

To achieve a hairstyle similar to Pop Smoke's braids, you can follow these general steps:

Step 1: Prepare your hair

Ensure that your hair is clean, detangled, and moisturized. You may want to wash and condition your hair before starting the braiding process.

Step 2: Section your hair

Use a rattail comb to divide your hair into two sections, creating a clear middle part. Section your hair into 4 equal rows per side. You can use hair clips or rubber bands to keep the sections separated.

Step 3: Start braiding

Begin with one section at a time. Take a small section of hair from the front of the section and divide it into three equal parts for braiding.

Step 4: Braid your hair

Start braiding by crossing the right strand over the middle strand, then cross the left strand over the new middle strand. As you continue braiding, add a small section of hair from the scalp to the outer strands each time you cross them over the middle strand. Keep the tension even while braiding, making sure the cornrow is snug to the scalp but not too tight to avoid discomfort. Continue braiding in this manner, incorporating new sections of hair from the scalp each time you cross the strands, until you reach the end of that particular cornrow.

Step 5: Secure the braid

Secure the end of the cornrow with a small rubber band or hair cuff to keep it in place.

Step 6: Repeat the process

Repeat the process with the next section of hair, following the partings and creating each cornrow until you've completed the desired style.

Step 7: Style and Finishing Touches

If necessary, apply some hair gel or edge control to smooth down any flyaways or frizz and give the cornrows a polished look.

Step 8: Maintain your braids

To keep your braids neat and tidy, you can apply a small amount of hair gel or edge control around your hairline and edges. This helps to keep the braids in place and prevent frizz.

  • It's important to note that braiding hair can be intricate and time-consuming, so it may be helpful to have someone assist you or seek professional help if you're unfamiliar with braiding techniques. Additionally, the length and thickness of your hair may affect the overall result. Experimenting with different braid styles and lengths can help you achieve a look that resembles Pop Smoke Braids.


  • It's helpful to work in front of a mirror or have someone assist you during the process.
  • Use a rat-tail comb for precise parting and sectioning.
  • Apply a small amount of edge control or gel along the hairline to create a sleek and polished appearance.

Creating pop smoke braids requires patience and attention to detail. Take your time, be gentle with your hair, and enjoy the process of achieving this trendy hairstyle.

Duration and Maintenance of Pop Smoke Braids:

Pop smoke braids are known for their durability and longevity. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for several weeks. Here's some information on the typical duration of pop smoke braids and tips to ensure they stay looking fresh for as long as possible:

1. Duration:

  • On average, pop smoke braids can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. The exact duration will depend on factors such as hair growth rate, the tightness of the braids, and how well you maintain them.
  • As your natural hair grows, you may notice some new growth at the roots. This is normal and adds a natural look to the braided hairstyle.

2. Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep your scalp and braids clean: Regularly cleanse your scalp and braids to remove buildup, dirt, and sweat. Use a diluted shampoo or a cleansing spray designed for braids to cleanse your scalp without causing frizz or unraveling the braids.
  • Moisturize your hair and scalp: Apply a lightweight moisturizer or natural oil to your scalp and braids to prevent dryness and keep your hair hydrated.
  • Protect your braids at night: Before sleeping, cover your braids with a satin or silk bonnet or use a satin or silk pillowcase. This helps prevent friction, reduces frizz, and maintains the style.
  • Avoid excessive tension or pulling: Be gentle when styling or manipulating your braids. Excessive tension or pulling can cause stress on your hair and scalp, leading to breakage or discomfort.
  • Refresh your edges: Use edge control or gel to tame any flyaways or frizz along the hairline. This will help maintain a polished and neat appearance.
  • Avoid excessive heat or styling: Limit the use of heat styling tools on your braids, as excessive heat can weaken the hair and cause damage. Opt for heatless styling methods if you want to switch up your look.

By following these maintenance tips, you can prolong the lifespan of your pop smoke braids and keep them looking fresh and stylish. Remember, everyone's hair is unique, so adjust your maintenance routine as needed based on your hair's specific needs and condition.

If you notice any signs of damage, discomfort, or excessive hair breakage, it's best to consult with a professional stylist or braider who can provide personalized advice and address any concerns you may have.

8 chic pop smoke braid styles you shouldn't miss

Pop smoke braids with beads
pop smoke braids with beads

  • Add a touch of flair and personality to your pop smoke braids by incorporating beads.
  • Slide small, decorative beads onto each braid, starting from the root and securing them in place with a small elastic or knot.
  • You can use beads of different colors, shapes, and sizes to create a unique and eye-catching look.

Side part pop smoke braids
side part pop smoke braids

  • Create a trendy and asymmetrical style by parting your hair to the side before braiding.
  • Begin with a deep side part, and then follow the usual steps for creating pop smoke braids on each side.
  • This style adds a touch of sophistication and allows for a more balanced and visually interesting look.

Crisscross Pop Smoke Braids 
criss cross pop smoke braids

  • Achieve an intricate and stylish pattern by incorporating crisscross designs into your pop smoke braids.
  • Begin by sectioning your hair into the desired number of cornrows.
  • Then, using smaller sections of hair, create additional braids that intersect diagonally with the main braids, forming a cross pattern.
  • Secure the ends of each braid with hairbands and style as desired.

Short pop smoke braids
pop smoke braids short hair

  • Pop smoke braids can be adapted for shorter hair lengths.
  • Section your hair into small, tight cornrows, following the standard pop smoke braiding technique.
  • The braids may be shorter in length, but they can still create a trendy and edgy look.

bohemian pop smoke braids 
bohemian pop smoke braids

  • Create a bohemian-inspired vibe by incorporating loose, wispy strands and adding decorative accessories like feathers or small flowers.
  • Start by following the regular pop smoke braiding technique.
  • After completing each braid, gently pull out a few strands to create a softer, more relaxed appearance.
  • Embellish the braids with your chosen accessories, securing them in place with small elastics or bobby pins.

Ombre pop smoke braids
ombre pop smoke braids

  • Add a pop of color and dimension to your pop smoke braids with ombre extensions.
  • Choose extensions that feature a gradual color transition from roots to ends.
  • Incorporate the ombre extensions into your braids, blending them with your natural hair to create a beautiful and eye-catching gradient effect.

Red pop smoke braids 
red pop smoke braids

  • Make a bold statement with vibrant red pop smoke braids.
  • Select hair extensions in a vivid shade of red that complements your skin tone and personal style.
  • Follow the standard pop smoke braiding technique, ensuring the red extensions are evenly distributed throughout the braids.

Jumbo pop smoke braids
jumbo pop smoke braids

  • Go for a dramatic and voluminous look with jumbo-sized pop smoke braids.
  • Section your hair into larger parts, creating fewer but thicker braids.
  • Use extensions that match your hair color and follow the regular pop smoke braiding technique but with thicker sections.

Remember to adapt each style to your hair type, length, and personal preferences. Experiment with different variations and have fun creating your own unique pop smoke braid styles!

Pop Smoke Braid FAQs 

Q: How do you sleep with pop smoke braids?

A: To protect your braids while sleeping:

  • Tie them with a satin or silk scarf or use a satin or silk pillowcase.
  • Position the braids on top of your head and secure them loosely with a hairband.

Q: Will pop smoke braids damage your natural hair?

A: When done correctly and with care, pop smoke braids should not damage your natural hair.

  • Avoid braiding too tightly and keep your scalp and hair moisturized.
  • Minimize excessive pulling or manipulation of the braids.

Q: Can you wash pop smoke braids?

A: Yes, you can wash your pop smoke braids:

  • Dilute a sulfate-free shampoo with water and apply it to your scalp.
  • Rinse thoroughly, ensuring the water runs through the braids.
  • Follow with a lightweight conditioner, focusing on the ends.
  • Gently squeeze out water and air dry the braids.


Pop smoke braids are a trendy and culturally significant hairstyle that has gained popularity. They are characterized by their signatural middle part. Throughout the article, we covered key points such as the origins of pop smoke braids and their association with the late rapper Pop Smoke. We discussed the recommended hair extensions and the approximate number of packs needed. Step-by-step instructions were provided for creating pop smoke braids, along with tips for their duration and maintenance.

We also showcased eight chic pop smoke braid styles, allowing you to express your style and creativity. If you're interested in trying out pop smoke braids, consider visiting ulahair.com, where you can find a range of human hair extensions designed specifically for this hairstyle.

Embrace this stylish and culturally significant hairstyle, whether for special occasions or to change up your everyday look. Follow the instructions, customize your braids, and confidently rock your pop smoke braids with style.


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