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Is the T-part wig worth it?

Is the T-part wig worth it?

Any lady who looking for how to get a current and stylish style should get a T-part wig. These wigs are a recent addition to the wig industry. They are suitable for ladies that want to cover up their mane as it grows. Besides, ladies who are skeptical about sporting short hair can go for this wig as well. But what exactly are T-part wigs, and why do you need them? We will answer these questions and more in this article.
T part wig human hair

What is a T-part wig?

As the name implies, T-part wigs are wigs whose parting is T-shaped. Another name for a t-part wig is a 13x6x1 wig. It is called a 13x6x1 wig because it runs 13 inches from ear to ear, and the length and width of the parting are 6 and 1, respectively. The t-part wig (t-part lace wig) is also one of the types of lace frontal wigs. However, it costs less because it does not have as much lace as the standard lace wigs.
T part lace wig

Why do you need a T-part wig?

There are many reasons why you need a T-part wig. Here are some of the reasons:

It is less expensive.

The T-part lace wig takes less lace compared to other lace front wigs. And because of this, it is quite less expensive compared to its counterpart.

It gives you a natural hairline.

Many will think that because it is less expensive compared to other lace wigs, you might not be able to get the benefit of owning a lace wig. However, this is not true because a t-part lace front wig gives you a natural hairline. Thus, making the wig blend well with your natural hair. 

Installation and maintenance are easy.

Beginners often find the installation and maintenance of lace frontal wigs quite tricky. However, when you go for a t-part lace front wig, it is easy to install. You do not need glue, adhesive, or any other complicated tools to install it. This means that you can easily wear and remove a t-part wig. Because you can easily remove a t-part wig, its maintenance is quite easy as well. 

They are versatile.

Another reason why you need a t-part wig is that they are versatile. Even though you might not be able to alter the parting, you can style it in various ways. For instance, you can decide to straighten or curl your wig. Sometimes, you might want to bleach or dye it. The fact that you can make these changes to your t-part lace wig makes it desirable to some people.

It offers comfortability.

Another reason why you need a t-part wig is that it offers comfort. The reason for this is that they are lightweight. Therefore, they do not add any pressure to your head. Besides, they are made of high-quality breathable material, which makes them suitable for everyday use and even for special occasions.

The difference between a T-part wig and a 13x4 wig

Both t-part and 13x4 wigs blend well with the hair because of their natural hairline features. However, they are quite different in diverse ways, and understanding these differences will help you know the one to go for.


One of the differences between a t-part wig and a 13x4x1 wig is in how they were both constructed. A t-part wig is constructed in a way that requires little lace, while a 13x4x1 wig is constructed in a way that it has more lace. And because of this, the 13x4 wig has more lace than a t-part wig. So if you want a wig with more lace, you can go for a 13x1 wig. On the other hand, if you tilt towards a lace wig with less lace, then t-part wigs are your best bet.


Both the t-part wig and the 13x4 wig are handmade and not machine-made. Their construction made them both high-quality wigs. Thus, they are both expensive, however, one is more expensive than the other. A 13x4 wig is more pricey compared to a t-part wig, and this is because of its construction. Lace is an expensive material; consequently, wigs made of lace are more expensive. And because the lace on a 13x4 wig is more than that of a t-part lace front wig, it is more on the pricey side. Thus, if you are looking for a lace wig without minding the cost, you should go for 13x4 wigs. However, if you are on a budget and you want a lace wig, then you can go for a t-part wig.


Another major difference between a 13x6x1 wig and a 13x4x1 wig is its versatility. Both wigs can be altered in many ways, such as straightening, curling, bleaching, dying, and others. However, when it comes to the parting, one is more rigid than the other. You can easily alter the parting of a 13x4x1 wig into whatever you want. This makes its styling very versatile as you can style it in whatever way you want. However, this is not so for a t-part lace wig. This is because the wig comes with a center parting, and it is practically little you can do to change that. For this reason, if you want a lace wig that you can play around with by styling any way you want, go for a 13x4 wig. However, if you are content with the parting that comes with a t-part wig, then go for that.

Where to buy a human hair T-part wig?

We know you are eager to try out t-part wigs now that you've heard so much about them. And you might be wondering about where you can buy a human hair t-part wig. Place an order by visiting Ulahair to purchase high-quality t-part wigs. We provide healthy, high-quality, 100% human hair T-part wigs that are free of any form of chemical processing.

Final Thoughts

Now to answer the question of whether t-part wigs are worth it, they are totally worth it. You get a lot of benefits from owning a t-part wig. Firstly, you do not need to stress yourself about using glue or adhesive to install it. Besides, they are less pricey, which makes them suitable if you are on a budget. Even though the styling is a bit rigid, you can still make some changes, such as bleaching, curling, and all. So, they are worth it. Visit Ulahair today to get your t-part wig.


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