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How to do a skunk stripe wig at home?

How to do a skunk stripe wig at home?

What is skunk stripe hair?

Skunk stripe hair is a bold hair trend that blends two contrasting colors together. Its name originated from its bold contrast colors which just look like a cute skunk. But the magic of the skunk stripe is in the position, you can do a single stripe behind one ear, or two face-frame stripes, or make a block on the top as you desire.
skunk stripe wig ginger with blonde highlights

Why is skunk stripe hair so popular?

Skunk stripe hair is a chic and sought-after hair trend in 2022. you can see there are so many beauties sharing this lovely and bold hair on Ins, Tiktok, and Youtube. It allows girls to rock different colors and create a bold and innovative look that will never be ignored. What's more, the coloring process of skunk stripe hair isn't very hard to handle. Girls can definitely reach this magic hair at home by themselves.

How to do skunk stripe on a wig?

Some items you need to prepare in advance:

A pair of gloves;

40 Volume developer;

Bleach powder;

Mixing bowl;

Got2b glue;

A comb;

A brush;

A soft towel;


mannequin head;

Some foil;


Hair dye;


Hair oil;

highlight wig human hair

Step 1: Bleach the knots

Put on your gloves. Pour some bleach powder and 40-volume developer into the mixing bowl, and blend them well with a brush to create a nice thick consistency. 

Spray some Got2b glue along the hairline and comb all hair strands back to avoid over bleaching. Turn the lace wig inside out, so that the lace sheer underneath can be completely exposed. Use the brush to apply the bleach onto the lace sheer evenly. And then let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the wig under the tap. Shampoo and condition the wig with a mild shampoo and a purple conditioner. Use a soft towel to absorb the excess water after washing the wig. Blow it dry at the lowest heat setting and set it at a mannequin head. Comb the wig to make it detangle.

Step 2: Determine and section off

The color block of skunk stripe hair is sometimes as stripes on two sides of the face, sometimes as a highlight block at the top, the underneath layer, or at the back of the head. 

Put on the wig on your head, and part the wig as you desire. Section up patches of hair you wish to bleach and braid the rest of the hair into a plait. 

Step 3: Bleach hair

Take off the wig and put it on the mannequin's head. Use some T-pins to fix the wig. Put on your gloves. Mix some bleach powder and 40-volume developer in the mixing bowl. Use a brush to blend them well. Part your section hair into a small patch. Apply the mixture to the hair patch evenly with a brush. If you don't want the hair roots to be bleached, you can spray some Got2B glue on the roots in advance. Put a foil under the hair patch and comb the bleached hair to make the bleach more evenly and then wrap the hair with the foil. Continue to bleach the rest of the section hair. Let it sit for about 40-50 minutes. Shampoo and condition the wig again to remove the bleach. Blow it dry with a hairdryer. 

If you just wanna reach a blonde skunk stripe hair, the process is finished. If you desire a more chic and bold look, you can dive into the next step-dye the hair.

Step 4: Tone the hair

Apply some hair dye to the bleached hair with a brush evenly. Use foil to wrap the toned hair and let the hair dye sit for about 30-40 minutes. Check the color every 10 minutes, once you find that it reaches the color you desire, rinse out the hair dye with flowing water. Shampoo and condition the hair with a purple shampoo and conditioner. Blow it dry at the lowest heat setting.

Step 5: Style the wig

Set the wig on the mannequin head, and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the wig. Use tweezers to pluck the wig to make its hairline looks more natural. Use style tools to style the wig as you desire. Apply some hair oil to the tips of the hair to make it looks shiny and silky.

skunk stripe hair

If you feel it complicated to do a skunk stripe wig by yourself, why not just reach consultants at Ula Hair to get a cheap skunk stripe wig directly.

Ula Hair human hair wigs are natural in appearance, soft and silky in texture, suitable for everyday use, and more effortless in maintenance.

How do you maintain skunk stripe hair?

Tip 1: Pick a color-safe sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. They are more gentle and can help to slow down the process.

Tip 2: Avoid washing your skunk stripe wig too frequently. Typically, once two weeks is enough.

Tip 3: Make a deep condition regularly to moisturize the wig.

Tip 4: Apply a small amount of natural oil, such as coconut oil, or Moroccan oil to moisturize the wig after washing.

Tip 5: Let it air dry on a wig stand after washing. If you are in a hurry, blow it dry at the lowest heat setting.

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