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Hair length chart | How long is 14 inch hair?

Hair length chart | How long is 14 inch hair?

What does 14 inch hair look likes?

14 Inch hair is typically considered a short to medium length of hair. It is below the shoulder area which is equal to about 35 cm. Worth mentioning that 14-inch curly hair appears about 2-3 cm( about 1 inch) shorter than 14-inch straight hair. 

How to measure hair length/ wig length?

how to measure wig length
To measure the length of hair extensions or wigs, you just need a ruler. Firstly, put the hair extensions or wigs on a flat table. And then stretch the hair to make it straight. Use a ruler to measure the length from hair roots to hair ends.

Factors you need to consider while choosing 14 inch hair:

The effect you want to achieve: Hair extensions that are longer than 28 inches more suitable for those who have a tall and slim body. Long hair extensions can provide them with a feminine look. While short hair extensions tend to add a neat and cool touch to the whole look.

Your lifestyles: We all know that at the same density, the longer the hair is, the heavier the hair is. If you are busy girls or gym girls, long and heavy extensions may not be a good choice for you. If you just searching for hair extensions for some special days, such as dating or a show, long hair extensions should be a more versatile and luxurious choice.

Density: Here is a hair length chart and the corresponding recommended hair density for your reference:

12 - 14 inch hair: 130% density/ 150 density

16 - 20 inch hair: 150% density/ 180density

22 -24 inch hair: 180% density

26-30 inch hair: 200% density/ 250% density

Hairstyle: Hairstyles also have a great impact on how long the hair appears to be. The curly and wavy texture makes the hair look shorter than its actual length. For example, the 14-inch wavy hair will look about 2-3 cm/ 1 inch shorter than 14-inch straight hair.

Budget: Typically, the longer the hair length is, the more expensive hair extensions are. Short hair length is always a wallet-friendly choice.

Hair length chart

Here is a hair length chart for your reference:

hair length chart

12-inch hair vs. 14-inch hair

As we can see in the picture, take the straight texture for reference, 12-inch hair is shoulder-length hair that is equal to about 30 cm. 12 Inch hair touches the shoulder and reaches the top of your back. 

14 Inch hair( straight hair) is either a medium or short hair length that runs to the area below the shoulder and upper back. 

14-inch hair vs. 16-inch hair

16 Inch hair is a medium hair length that is equal to about 40cm. Take the straight hair for reference, 16 inch hair nearly reaches the bar strap. 16 Inch curly hair extends to shoulder level or upper back.


Ula Hair | 14 inch human hair for sale

  • 14 Inch Brazilian bundles silky straight hair weave

14 inch Brazilian hair bundles
This Brazilian hair weave is made of cuticle-aligned human hair, soft, silky, and glossy. Thick from the roots to the tips. No split ends, no shedding, no tangling, no bad smell. 

  • 14 Inch water wave lace front bob wig 

14 inch lace front bob wig
This high-density lace front bob wig can not only bring you a natural hairline but also a full and thick hair look. It looks luxurious and matches well with all clothes. It's also a 100% human hair wig that can be dyed and permed as you desire.

  • 14 Inch Brazilian body wave bundles with closure

body wave bundles with closure
Body wave bundles with closure are loved by many ladies. It provides a lot of body and looks full and fluffy compared to deep curly hair. What's more, this type of combination is flexible and affordable. 

  • 14 Inch tape-in hair extensions

human hair tape in hair extensions
These human hair tape-in hair extensions are easy to maintain and can last for a long time. Tape-in hair extensions can not only offer a seamless flat natural look but also full and lengthen your hair in a safe way.


Ula hair offers various human hair extensions in a variety of textures, colors, and densities. No matter if you are searching for Brazilian 14-inch hair, Malaysian virgin hair, or Peruvian 30-inch hair, we have got you covered. What's more, our hair extensions are all of the high quality. They are made of 100% human hair, soft and smooth to touch, glossy and bouncy in texture, and can last for a long time. Click and discover our latest selection of Brazilian hairMalaysian hair, and Peruvian hair at Ula Hair. Ula provides high-quality human hair wigs and hair extensions at an unbeatable price. 

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