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What is virgin hair? The truth of virgin hair!!

What is virgin hair? The truth of virgin hair!!

Virgin hair is the most preferred choice among those who wanna add length and volume to their hair looks. But are you really know what's virgin hair exactly? You must notice that almost all hair vendors claim that the hair they sell is virgin hair. But is it the truth? How do they gain virgin hair? 

Keep scrolling, we are going to share all the truths about virgin hair in this post! Let's dive into it!
virgin hair bundles

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is 100% unprocessed human hair that hasn't been dyed, permed, or bleached! Even if the hair has been dyed or straightened only once time, it's no longer virgin hair! Virgin hair bundles refer to unprocessed human hair that is directly collected from the same donor. 

This type of hair is natural in appearance and touch. It feels and touches the same as your real hair. What's more, it is much more durable and healthier than other hair types. That's why it can last for a long time. And real virgin hair is rare, so it's typically much more expensive than others.
unprocessed hair vs. processed hair

What is Remy hair?

Remy Hair is that human hair comes with intact cuticles aligned in one direction. 

This type of hair is also natural and textured in appearance and touches. And it also provides great versatility that allows the wearers to dye, perm, and bleach. Although Remy is not the best grade of hair, it's still a high-quality human hair type that second to virgin hair.

Virgin Hair vs. Remy Hair

These two types of human hair have so many similarities, such as natural-looking, versatility, longevity, and so on. But they are really two types of hair.

  1. Virgin hair is 100% unprocessed hair, but Remy hair can be processed hair. Remy hair has been processed to make its cuticles running in the same direction. 
  2. Virgin hair is collected from one donor, while Remy hair can be collected from various donors. 
  3. With proper care, virgin hair can last for more than 1-2 years. But with the same care, Remy hair maybe has a shorter lifespan.

What is non-Remy hair?

Non-Remy hair is bad-quality human hair. This type of hair is also 100% human hair. But it is floor hair and cutting hair that is collected from temples and salons. This type of hair has been acid treated to achieve silky and smooth touches. Thus its cuticles have been damaged and are not intact. And the cuticles flow in different directions. 

 Remy hair vs. Non-Remy hair

Remy hair and non-Remy hair are both 100% human hair, natural in appearance, and smooth in touches. But the Non-Remy hair tends to get tangled and shed easily, especially after several times of washing.

  1. Remy hair comes with intact cuticles that are aligned in one direction. While the cuticles of Non-Remy hair are almost removed and run in two directions.
  2. Remy hair lasts longer than Non-Remy hair with proper care. While Non-Remy hair may become unbearable tangled and shed in a short time.

virgin hair vs. Remy hair vs. Non-Remy hair

How to tell Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, and Non-Remy Hair?

It's hard to tell the difference between virgin hair, Remy hair, and Non-Remy hair via naked eyes, even for a pro. Here are some tips for you to tell the differences:

  1. Smell: You can smell the hair weave to check if there is any chemical smell. Virgin hair should have no smell or a subtle smell of perfumes. While processed hair, such as Remy hair and non-Remy hair may have a chemical smell.
  2. Color: Unprocessed virgin hair should be in a natural black with a subtle brown. The hair is not too dark and has a natural vary from deep brown to black, especially under the sunlight. You can observe the shade of your hair weave if it comes in an unnatural uniform black, it's highly likely that your hair weave was processed.
  3. Wash: If your hair weave becomes unbearable dry and tangle after several times of washing. It's highly likely that the hair weave is processed hair.

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