All You Should Know Before Buying Tape-In Extensions
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All You Should Know Before Buying Tape-In Extensions

All You Should Know Before Buying Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are a rage these days. Have you ever felt struggling and wondered whether you should go for tape-in hair extensions? Well, we have got you. We are here to share all the basics you should know about tape-in hair extensions so that you can make a definite decision.
kinky straight tape-in hair extensions

Can you put in tape-in hair extensions by yourself at home?

Yes. The installation and removal of tape-in extensions are relatively easy, and they can easily be done at home by an old hand. For beginners and those who wanna achieve a natural and safe result, we highly suggest bringing them to a salon and seeking assistance from a professional hairdresser.

How much do tape-in extensions cost?

The national average cost of tape-in hair extensions ranges from $100 to $200. It depends on the quality of the extensions and the number of extensions you use. Compared with other extension methods, tape-in extensions cost less at the salon as it takes less time to install and remove.

Can the installation and removal of tape-ins take a long time?

The installation and removal of tape-in extensions are quite easy. The process can be done in a short time and you don't need to wait a long time. It typically takes about 20-40 minutes.
ombre tape-in hair extensions

How long can you leave tape-in hair extensions to last?

3-4 Weeks. We highly suggest you take off tape-in extensions and give your scalp a break at least every 3-4 weeks. If you let your tape-in hair extensions stay on your head longer than 8 weeks, your hair may get tangled and lost and your scalp may feel discomfort. 

Can you put all the hair up and make a ponytail with tape-in extensions?

Of course, you can. If your tape-in extensions are installed properly, they should be completely invisible even if you pull all your hair up. And the secret to achieving this seamless result is to leave at least 1 inch of space from your hairline while installing.

Are tape-in hair extensions reusable?

Sure, tape-in hair extensions allow the wearer to reuse several times with proper maintenance.

How many times can you reuse tape-in hair extensions?

Typically, tape-in hair extensions of high quality allow the wearers to reuse 3-4 applications.
tape-in extensions for black hair

Are tape-in hair extensions bad for your hair?

With proper installation and care, tape-in hair extensions will never harm your natural hair. It's a myth that hair extensions can damage natural hair. Only improper installation or maintenance will damage natural hair.

What may lead to tape-in extensions falling off?

Tape-in hair extensions will not fall off after proper installation and maintenance. Here are reasons this might happen to some:

  1. Adding too much or too little natural hair in between while sandwiching tape-in hair extensions. 
  2. The hairdresser touched the sticky tab of the tape-in extensions with their fingers during application.
  3. You have shampooed or styled your hair within 48 hours after the hair extensions are put in.
  4. Some oil-based products, such as essential oil or hair conditioner, have been applied to the tape tabs of hair extensions.

Can you shampoo your hair immediately after tape-in extensions are installed?

No. You should wait for at least 48 hours so that the tape-in extension can hold tighter and last longer.

Can you wash tape in hair extensions?

Of course, you can wash your tape-in hair extensions. But you need to reduce the frequency you wash your hair. Because shampooing your hair extensions too often can loosen the glue and may lead to slip-off. You can wear a shower cap to protect your tape-in hair extensions if they don't need to be shampooed.

Can you dye or bleach tape in hair extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions that are made with 100% human hair (Remy hair or Virgin hair) allow you to dye, bleach, and perm as you would on your natural hair.
tape in extensions

Can tape in hair extensions cause hair loss?

Actually, only improper application and removal can lead to hair loss. You may have seen many girls applying tape-in hair extensions themselves on Youtube. But to avoid hair loss and ensure your hair extensions can last longer, we highly suggest you seek a trained professional hairdresser or stylist to put in or remove your tape-in hair extensions. And remember never leave your tape-in extensions on your head for over 8 weeks. Long-term wearing or wearing extensions too often can put extra pressure on your natural hair and lead to hair loss.

How do you sleep with tape-in extensions?

First of all, remember that never sleep with wet tape-in hair extensions. Make sure your hair is completely dry before heading to bed. To minimize tangles and hair loss, we highly suggest girls braid their hair and use a silk scarf to wrap their hair while sleeping.

These are the most frequently asked questions we have received from our customers. If you are still having trouble choosing hair extensions, feel free to contact our online consultants. Ula Hair sells high-quality tape-in hair extensions in a variety of textures and lengths. Click to explore our new release tape-in hair extensions that are designed for black hair.

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